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Check out our breakfast and all day menu by clicking the link below. We have loads of super options to choose from.

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"The staff are very friendly. Just the right amount of things on the menu to satisfy your hunger. Between baguettes to panini with many fillings to choose from, soup and breakfast served all day. A lot of tasty looking scones and cakes. I got the omelet and side of salad. Really satisfying."

"Great little bakery, coffee, pastry, and breakfast shop. I had eggs/toast/coffee, my son had porridge, my husband had Eggs Benedict. All were delicious. Also had a scone to go which was outstanding. Good quality food and friendly people!"

"I paid a long-overdue visit to my favourite local café recently. I had not realised just how much I missed my frequent visits until I again sampled the superb fare served by very pleasant and personable staff."

"Lots of places serve good coffee and nice cakes, the USP here is the service. Everyone is helpful, good-natured, considerate and genuinely conscientious about looking after the customers. It just seems to be in the DNA of this place. Thank you, we'll be back!"

"Good food, local, good quality, attentive service, good value, deservedly popular with locals. Good parking. Try coffee and pear n almond scones (have just fouled up my favourite morning bite!!!)"